Page 3 - Sansarc Country School Museum, Orton School Bell booklet 2.3.2020
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A typical day in a one-room school in the past

   Hang coats, store boots and lunch pails in entry area
   Went outside to get the water to fill the cooler
    Raising the flag and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag outdoors
   Sing songs, early days sang YCL song
   Sometimes said prayers, depending on the family background
   Health checkup: hands, teeth, hair; taught hygiene
   Duties assigned by YCL (Young Citizens League)
   Recitation by students at front of classroom
   Older students assist younger students with assignments
   Recess: Played games outside according to how many students
 and what their ages so all played together; sometimes teacher
 joined in, too; hand bell to call in to start classes
   Classes
   Lunch: carried lunch in paper sack, syrup pail, tin box; might
 heat on stove i.e. soup or grilled cheese sandwiches; fruit and
 cookie; wash hands at wash basin with soap, using water carried   1967  Sansarc School Campus
 into school and kept  in bucket or crock; games after eating
 In winter kept lunch and water in classroom so it wouldn’t
 After lunch recess, the teacher read to students a chapter in a
 novel like “Little House on the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder
   Classes
   Recess
   Fridays: Art lessons
   Lower the flag and fold properly
   Bank fire for next day in potbelly stove
   Erase the board, clean school
   Dismissed

 Present day is similar with conveniences that are more modern.

                     2013   Orton School, Mission Ridge

                         Original drawings by Betsey DeLoache
                                   Red Bird Studio

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