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History of the Schoolhouse                    Schiefelbein guided cleaning,
                                               furnishing, improving
 The first Sansarc schoolhouse (East) built along Sansarc Creek in 1904 on   appearance and functionality
 George Walker’s place, now Timmy Olson’s place. There were Sans Arc   of building, and it was open as
 Indian tribes in the area of Cheyenne River. Sans Arc can mean “no bow” or   an interpretive museum in
 “unmarked arrows”. The Sans Arc Indians did not mark their arrows so they   June 2014.
 would all share the meat, rather than have all the meat go to only the brave
 who killed the bison. It is also thought they used spears instead of bow and
 arrows.                                       There were six windows, and
                                               one entrance door. The
 Sansarc School (west) built around 1910 in Stanley   bathroom was one of the two
 County and used actively as a school until 1969.   school outhouses.
 Phone service began in April 1960.            The one room school is 18 feet
 Early it was on the Jacobsen place.[ Section 20] The   wide and 23 feet long and has six windows on South and two windows on
 last location was near Bernard Stoeser’ s   East, a front entry with interior door and transom window to the room and
        outside entrance.
 place.[Southeast corner of Section 16 at flag symbol]

 In notes by Frances
 Sampson Olesen, she
 has that Sansarc was
 established in 1904; and
 a new school was built
 in 1906. She has that
 Sansarc started as
 District #14. From
 1912-1958 it was
 District #95. In 1958, it
 was in Trail District
 #98.   The entry is used for hanging coats, storing water cooler, keeping balls and
 Purchased and moved   bats, lunch pails, boots.
 to Gene Stoeser ranch
 in 1973. Gene then
 brought schoolhouse to
 Fort Pierre to be used as
 a museum in 1975 and
 donated it to the
 Verendrye Museum. Restoration of roof and interior in 1999 to prevent
 deterioration of building by Verendrye Museum and Stanley County School
 Board, guided by Gene Stoeser and Mary Beth Stoeser Fravel. The original
 teacher cottage built next to the school and used actively until 1969, and
 original swing set were located in April 2014. In 2014, Deb Stoeser
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