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Jefferson Davis Carr House                                                    Duffy House/Old Fort Pierre School
           19.       206 W. 2  Avenue                                                    20.       198 2  Avenue

        Built 1906                                                                     Built 1892

        by Carl
        Wagner                                                                         Constructed in
                                                                                       1892, the Old Fort
        Architectural                                                                  Pierre School was
        Style:                                                                         the first high
        Colonial                                                                       school in Fort
        Revival                                                                        Pierre and one of
                                                                                       the first in western
                                                                                       South Dakota. The two-story school had four classrooms. At first,
        Jefferson Davis Carr was a local blacksmith turned rancher. Carr               only elementary grades were taught in the building. Some high
        took advantage of the Treaty of 1889, which opened reservation                 school courses were added beginning in 1901, but by 1903, the
        lands to settlers for cattle grazing, and started ranching in Stanley          school included first intermediate, second intermediate, and a high
        County in 1891. He founded the Mississippi Cattle Company and                  school program. The first graduating class consisted of three
        became part of the large-scale ranching movement, which lasted                 students in 1905. The old high school continued to function until
        in South Dakota for 17 years. Large-scale ranching came to a                   1909, when a new building was constructed to accommodate
        close in 1907, when the federal government began to change its                 more students. This rapid turnover in school buildings is evidence
        policies, restricting grazing land. This left ranchers like Carr with          of the growth of Stanley County during the early 1900’s. The Old
        smaller grazing lands and herds.                                               Fort Pierre School was remodeled and turned into apartments.

        Carr’s house was built of reddish-yellow gumbo brick from the                  The school has a symmetrical façade and floor plan, hipped roof,
        local Franc Rauch Brick Yard in 1906. It is a brick four square with           double hung windows and doorway details, cottage windows,
        Colonial Revival elements, including the one-story wraparound                  stained glass transom window over entrance, and very little
        porch and classical columns. The house is a rare domestic                      ornamentation. Originally, the building had a large two-story
        building made of all locally manufactured materials and stands as              wraparound porch and a bell tower. This is currently the residence
        a reminder of one of Fort Pierre’s first economic systems,                     for the John Duffy family.

             This house is on the National Register of Historic Places

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