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12.        Dr. Lavery’s House                                                  13.       Frank Fischer House
                     409 2  Street
                                                                                                   404 1  Street

        Architectural                                                                  Build in 1896
        Style: Local
        Vernacular                                                                     Constructed by
                                                                                       Frank Fischer

        For twenty-                                                                    Architectural
        two and one-                                                                   Style: Local
        half years, Dr.                                                                Vernacular
        Charles J. Lavery was engaged in the active practice of medicine
        and surgery in Fort Pierre before moving to Aberdeen. He was
        licensed to practice in South Dakota on January 21, 1891. Dr.                  This house is local vernacular in style. Two cottages were moved
        Lavery acted as assistant chief of staff and visiting physician and            together and a second story was added in 1917. Frank Fischer
        surgeon to St. Mary’s Hospital in Pierre for years. He was                     was one of the original Fischer Brothers to build a store by that
        surgeon-in-chief and consulting physician to the Fort Pierre                   name on Deadwood Avenue. The house remained in the Fischer
        Hospital when that institution was open. He was also a director                family for years.
        and the vice president of the Fort Pierre National Bank from its
        organization until 1913, a director and the vice president of the              A free train ride brought the Fischer family to the far west. They
        Great Western Telephone Company, and a director and secretary                  came from Wisconsin and ended up in Harrold, SD. There were
        of the Stanley County Creamery Association.                                    three brothers, Anton, Charlie and Frank. In 1889 the railroad was
                                                                                       moving west and there was a fight for the capital. Frank took a
        This house was later owned by Charles McFarling and Gid                        free ride on the railroad to Pierre and hopped a ferry to Fort Pierre
        Creager. It is considered “local vernacular” style. It was originally          where he saw a store for sale. He went back to Harrold and sent
        two houses joined together.                                                    his brothers over to look at the store and told them to buy it if they
                                                                                       liked it. He told them the cowboys over there have money and the
                                                                                       farmers over here want credit.

                                                                                       The store in Fort Pierre became a general store that sold furniture,
                                                                                       clothing, shoes, boots, overshoes, groceries, gasoline, and

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