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next door from 1916 to 1926. That structure was previously                              Porter House
        referred to as “The Flats” and had been owned by Napoleon                        5.     410 W. Park
        Welcome. The Hess Hotel: Was it a brothel or a boarding house?

        The Hess Hotel (Brothel) burned down in 1926 under suspicious
                                                                                       Built 1911

                                                                                       Architectural Style: Queen

           4.     M.L. Weed House                                                      Anne
                  208 Cedar
                                                                                       This house was built in
                                                                                       1911 by a local railroad
                                                                                       man. Mr. Porter’s sons,
                                                                                       Charles and Bill, were still
        Built 1912
                                                                                       living in the area in 1976. It
                                                                                       represents Queen Anne
        In 1912, the
        M.L. Weed
        House was                                                                                Anton Fischer House
        constructed on                                                                    6.
        Cedar Street,                                                                            111 Cedar Street
        south of the
        Bad River. The
        man who owned the house was the proprietor of a grocery store in
        Fort Pierre and his wife was the Stanley County superintendent.
        Their home was later sold to Isabel Warne, who ran a grocery                   Built 1911
        store on Main Avenue in what is now Buckin’ Swank Leather. The
        house features a cozy front porch held up by columns and a third               Architectural
        story attic.                                                                   Style: Queen

        The home is currently owned by Buddy Cronin.
                                                                                       Anton Fischer
                                                                                       came to Fort
                                                                                       Pierre in 1889 with
                                                                                       his brother Frank
                                                                                       and established a general store that supplied the booming town

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