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17.       Scotty Philip-Built House                                            18.       John Hayes House
                                                                                                   214 2  Avenue
                    113 N. 3  Street

        Built 1905
                                                                                       Built 1889
        Constructed by
        Scotty Philip                                                                  Constructed by
                                                                                       John Hayes

        In 1905, Scotty                                                                Architectural Style:
        Philip constructed                                                             Local Vernacular
        this house for his
        daughter. Sarah,
        Scotty’s wife, lived                                                           John Hayes was an
        here for a short period of time as well. Much of the original interior         early newspaper
        has been preserved, including the original brick fireplace, oak                man and he built this house in “local vernacular” style in 1889.
        flooring, and built-in oak cabinets. The house sits on its original            Vernacular architecture is architecture characterized by the use of
        rock foundation with its original rock wall.                                   local materials and knowledge, usually without the supervision of
                                                                                       professional architects.
        When Sherman Monroe purchased this house in 1974, he
        preserved the original interior and the rock wall. However, he did             Hayes was the editor of The Sioux Stock Journal Press, which he
        cover the dirt basement floor with concrete and finished the                   began publishing in Fort Pierre in 1889. He also published a book
        basement.                                                                      using his articles titled The Stock Journal Press, which was South
                                                                                       Dakota’s first brand book and is in the South Dakota State
                                                                                       Archives. He was a cattleman and one of the men for whom the
                                                                                       town of Hayes was named. In 1894, he helped found the Missouri
                                                                                       River Stockmen’s Association. He was secretary of the
                                                                                       association in 1903 and again in 1906, before leaving to become
                                                                                       secretary for the Western South Dakota Stockgrowers, a
                                                                                       forerunner of the current South Dakota Stockgrowers Association.

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