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and nearby homesteaders with essential supplies. Shortly after                            Catholic Parsonage
        establishing the general store, their younger brother, Charles,                   8.      702 Hwy 83
        joined them in business. Together, the three brothers owned and
        operated the Fischer Brothers Store.

        In 1911, Anton and his wife, Helen, had a single-story house
        constructed for their family on Cedar Street, south of the Bad                 Built 1918
        River. Several years later, the house was remodeled, and the
        second story was added.
                                                                                       Originally constructed
                                                                                       as the Catholic Rectory
                                                                                       in 1918, this house was
           7.      Fritz Hodoval House                                                 moved to its present
                   107 Park Avenue
                                                                                       location on the south
                                                                                       corner of Scotty Philip
                                                                                       Street in 1975.

        Built early 1900s
                                                                                          9.      Judge Hughes House

        The Fritz and Adene                                                                       108 Tim Street
        Hodoval House was
        constructed in the
        early 1900s along                                                              Built 1905
        Park Avenue, the
        second street south                                                            Architectural Style:
        of the Bad River. Adene’s father was the owner of the local                    Modified Georgian
        hardware store, Rowe Hardware. Fritz later became the operator                 Revival
        of his father-in-law’s store. The house is a two-story home. The
        front entry is lined with rust colored bricks and the house is
        displayed in a vibrant yellow with a green metal roof.                         In 1905, this rather
                                                                                       large two-story
                                                                                       home, with its
                                                                                       inviting front porch, was constructed near the south end of Fort
                                                                                       Pierre for Judge Hughes, a Stanley County judge. Oral history
                                                                                       about this home tells the story of a card game that ended in
                                                                                       murder, with his body then put on the nearby railroad tracks to
                                                                                       make it look like a suicide.

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