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The City of Fort Pierre
                                                                                                 Fort Pierre Homes

        The Fort Pierre area was previously inhabited by the Arikara and later
        the Lakota. The first known white men to see the area were the
        Verendrye brothers, who buried a lead plate in 1743 on a hill overlooking                Scotty Philip House
        Fort Pierre.                                                                      1.     512 Deadwood Street

        On their Voyage of Discovery, Lewis and Clark also traveled this area in
        1804 and 1806. Fort Pierre became a major trading post, the first of
        which was established in 1817 by Joseph LaFramboise for the American           Built 1900
        Fur Company. The company was owned by Pierre Chouteau Jr., who
        rebuilt the post in 1832 and trade continued until the mid-1800’s. Fort        Architectural
        Pierre was named after Pierre Chouteau.                                        Style: Georgian
        Fort Pierre was incorporated as a town in 1870 and reincorporated as
        Fort Pierre in 1890 after being called Coulson for five years. It was a post
        office beginning in 1877. Fort Pierre is the oldest continuous settlement      In 1900, Scotty
        in South Dakota.
                                                                                       Philip and his
                                                                                       good friend, Buck
        The Pierre/Fort Pierre area has a rich history that epitomizes western         Williams, built the
        history including tribal nations, fur trade, settlers, and a unique history of
        state government.                                                              Stanley Hotel
                                                                                       hoping to entice
                                                                                       businessmen and settlers to move to their new town of Stanley
        The Pierre/Fort Pierre Historic Preservation Commission encourages you
        to explore this history rich area! Take our driving tour and visit the         (located on SD Highway 1806, two miles north of Fort Pierre). In a
        location where the Verendrye brothers buried a lead plate marking their        close election, the town of Stanley lost the county seat to Fort
        visit, stand in the meeting spot where Lewis and Clark met with the            Pierre, and Philip and Williams abandoned their dream of having a
        Lakota, or visit the South Dakota State Capitol across the river in Pierre     town named Stanley. The two men settled ownership of the
        and walk around the beautiful grounds and lake. Check out area                 Stanley Hotel with a game of cards; Scotty Philip won. Philip sold
        museums, including the Cultural Heritage Museum, the Verendrye                 half the building and moved the remaining half to Ft. Pierre, where
        Museum, the Railroad Depot, and the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center.                  it still stands in its current location in Fort Pierre.

        We hope you enjoy this Fort Pierre Historic Homes & Buildings booklet          James (Scotty) Philip was born in 1858 in the Highlands of
        and encourage you to check out our other publications.                         Scotland. He came to America at the age of 16 joining family in
                                                                                       Kansas and coming to the Black Hills at the age of 17 to stake a
                                                                                       claim during the gold rush. He later worked as a scout, a guide,
          Pierre-Fort Pierre Historic Preservation Commission                          and a dispatch carrier for the army. He met his wife-to-be, Sarah
                                                                                       Larrabee, at Fort Robinson. She was a sister to the wife of Crazy
                                                                                       Horse and, due to this marriage, Scotty gained access to West
                                                                                       River ranch lands. The couple had ten children and lived in
                                                                                       several locations before moving to Fort Pierre.

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