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Philip had a great cattle empire and was one of the founding                            George Keefer House
        members of the Western Dakota Stock Growers Association and                             408 Deadwood Street
        helped to build the Stockgrowers Bank Building in Fort Pierre. He                2.
        is often credited as the man who saved the buffalo. He purchased
        a small bunch of buffalo calves that were rescued by Fred Dupree
        and that herd multiplied and became the seed herd for most of the
        buffalo herds in existence today. Philip was inducted into the                 Built 1906
        Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center at Oklahoma
        City as one of the enduring names of men who built the west.
                                                                                       This house was built
        The house is currently owned by Fort Pierre Sheriff Brad Rathbun               in 1906. George
        and his wife, who are remodeling it.                                           Keefer operated a
                                                                                       lumber yard that
                                                                                       was located behind
                                                                                       the present Silver
                                                                                       Spur Restaurant.

                                                                                                   Hess House
                                                                                          3.       210 Deadwood Street

                                                                                       Built 1928

                                                                                       Constructed by
                                                                                       Lucy and Bill

                                                                                       Around 1915,
                                                                                       Lucy Welcome
                                                                                       Hess and her
                                                                                       husband, Bill
                                                                                       Hess, moved to Fort Pierre from Philip, SD where they ran a
                                                                                       saloon. Lucy Hess and her husband built the house in 1928 and
                                                                                       ran a boarding house called the Hess Hotel and the restaurant

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