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Pete Werle House                                                               Pat Holland House
          14.        101 2  Street                                                        15.       314 Main Avenue

                                                                                       Built 1905
        Built 1905

        Constructed                                                                    The Holland Family
        by M.E. Kern                                                                   emigrated from
                                                                                       Ireland to Canada,
        Architectural                                                                  and then to the United
        Style:                                                                         States. They settled in
        Modified                                                                       Fort Pierre and
        Queen Anne                                                                     opened a tailor shop and shoe store on Main Street. Behind their
                                                                                       business, they constructed this two-story house in 1905. Their
                                                                                       son, Bill Holland, was a rodeo announcer in Fort Pierre for years
        Pete Werle                                                                     and one of the founders of the South Dakota Rodeo Association.
        was a rancher
        who had a ranch about 14 miles southwest of Fort Pierre on Bad
        River Road. The ranch was later owned by Werle’s stepson Harry
        Briggs and was bought by Lloyd Hannum in 1939. The ranch is                                G. Robertson House
        now owned by Ted Turner, the American media proprietor who                       16.       Corner 5  Street & Main Avenue
        founded the Cable News Network (CNN) and TBS.

        Werle drowned in the Bad River near the ranch headquarters.
        Werle also ran a dray line in Fort Pierre in 1870s and 80s. It is              Built 1909
        believed the Werle house was built by M.E. Kern in 1905. It is a
        wood structure in Modified Queen Anne style. Isabel Warne,                     Constructed by G.
        owner of Warne’s Grocery & Western Wear, owned the house in                    Robertson
                                                                                       Architectural Style:
                                                                                       Modified Georgian

                                                                                       This house was built in 1909 by G. Robertson and later owned by
                                                                                       James Terbell. Robertson owned a lumber yard that was located
                                                                                       behind the present Stanley County courthouse. This house is
                                                                                       finished with fine woodwork.

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