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Viewing points:                                                                Clark said “in about 10 minits (sic) the bank was lined with men armed,
        1. Medicine Knoll Creek runs under a bridge on Highway 34, fourteen            the first chief at their head. About 200 men appeared and after about
           miles east of the Federal Building in downtown Pierre. An interpretive      1/2 hour all (returned) but 60 men who continued on the bank all night.
           sign explains the creek’s connection with Lewis and Clark, as well as       The chiefs continued with us all night. This allarm I as well as Captain
           other historical information about the area. The drive from Pierre to       Lewis considered as a Signal of their intentions (which was to stop our
           Medicine Knoll Creek, including a stop at Farm Island, is very scenic       proceeding on our journey and if possible rob us).”
           and historical.                                                                The keelboat was rowed to shore and tied up near a fallen bank, leaving
        Monday, September 24, 1804                                                     them much exposed. Clark wrote “all prepared on board for anything which
           With the help of an early morning east wind, the explorers sailed over      might hapen (sic), we kept a Strong guard all night in the boat, no Sleep.”
        that straight portion of the Missouri River between Medicine Knoll Creek       Friday, September 28, 1804
        and the mouth of the Bad River. After passing Antelope Creek, located on
        the south side of the river, they approached a two and one-half mile long         It was a clear and pleasant autumn morning. Captain Clark and his
        island (later named Farm Island by the fur traders at Fort Pierre Chouteau).   men, with their two rowboats, returned to the spot where they lost the
           En route Captains Lewis and Clark laid out gifts of medals and clothing     anchor. Using boat hooks, poles and dragging the river, they were unable
                                                                                       to find it. Many Indians from the village were standing on the riverbank
        for the Teton Indian Chiefs, whom they planned to meet at the Bad River.       watching the search.
        President Thomas Jefferson had warned the captains earlier that they
        could expect trouble from the Teton who controlled that portion of the            Captain Clark and his men returned to the keelboat and tied the two
        river. As a precautionary measure for the meeting, they prepared their         rowboats  to  it.  The  captains  began  preparations  to  depart.  They  had
        keelboat, weapons, and men “for action in case of necessity.”                  great difficulty removing the various chiefs from the keelboat. Chief Black
           As they passed along the north side of Farm Island, Clark observed          Buffalo  was  still  on  board  when  several  of  his  men  grabbed  the  rope
        many rocks on the hillsides. Soon the party saw their hunter, Private John     holding the keelboat in place. Chief Buffalo told Captain Lewis, who was
        Colter on the shore. He had killed four elk and camped on the island the       at the bow of the ship, that he could not go any further up the river unless
        prior night. One of the rowboats stopped to pick up Colter and the meat.       his men were given more tobacco. Captain Lewis would not be forced
        He said that the Indians had stolen his horse. Later five Indians were seen    into giving it to them. Tension grew on board and on the western shore
        walking along the south shore. They were blamed for the theft of the           of the river where about 200 armed warriors were standing on the shore
        horse but neither side could understand the other. Their request to come       awaiting orders. Some were armed with muzzle-loading guns, others with
        aboard was refused.                                                            bows and arrows.
           Later in the afternoon, the explorers passed along the south side of a         Joseph Whitehouse wrote in his journal that Captain Lewis was about
        mile and one-half long island on which they saw many elk and buffalo.          to cut the rope with his sword and order his men to fire their weapons
        Clark named it Good Humored Island (now La Framboise Island). They             unless Black Buffalo and his chiefs left the keelboat. Captain Clark seized
        turned northward and soon arrived at the mouth of a river called the           “the port fire” from his gunner and was prepared to fire the large swivel
        Little Missouri on their map. The captains renamed it the Teton River in       gun. Black Buffalo indicated that all they wanted were several twists of
        honor of the Teton Sioux who camped nearby. (The Teton Sioux called it         tobacco. Captain Lewis gave them to him. Then Chief Black Buffalo jerked
        the Bad River, and that name has survived.)                                    the rope from his warriors and gave it to the steersman. The confrontation
           After sailing and rowing thirteen miles that day, they anchored the         with the Teton was over. The keelboat then sailed north under a good
        fifty-five-foot long keelboat in the Missouri River, 100 yards in front of the   favorable breeze and around the curve of the river to the west.
        mouth of the Bad River. Clark noted that the Bad River was seventy yards          After  traveling  about  four  miles,  they  halted  near  the  shore.  They
        wide at the mouth. Captain Clark’s men, using one of the rowboats, took        made a new anchor using two large stones, and continued their journey.
        him to shore (in the vicinity of what is now known as Lilly Park in the city   At sunset, after traveling upstream six miles that day, they camped on a
        of Fort Pierre). Here he smoked and had a friendly visit with one of the       sand bar in the middle of the river [above Oahe Dam and about three
        chiefs, Buffalo Medicine, who had come from the main village located a         miles below the site of the former Oahe Mission, now under the waters
        few miles upstream.                                                            of Lake Oahe].
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